Recycling of ink and toner cartridges is a very important way to help the planet to stay clean and improve on the use resources in a ethical way.Here at Office Supplies we support those values.

The objective of ethical recycling is to recycle printer cartridges and their components in such a way that every part is recycled and reused with nothing going to landfill. This is achieved by patented equipment that has been developed in Australia specifically for this task. Although the cartridges are made of composite plastics they are reduced to such small particles that they are easily separated.

Since the start of the program some nine years ago, over 22 million printer cartridges have been recycled in Australia. This represents only a small percentage of all the printer cartridges sold each year.

Both Planet Ark and Close The Loop have collection boxes in many Post Offices and retail outlets throughout the country.

The various plastics can then be reused in numerous ways. Some are made into street furniture such as benches and plastic furniture. Whatever they are used for the printer cartridges live on in a new guise and can be recycled again.